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Front Office

Baltimore Orioles
Oriole Park at Camden Yards
Address:333 West Camden Street
City: Baltimore, State: MD Zip Code: 21201
Tel: (410) 685-9800
  • Executive Management

    Chairman of the Board/Chief Executive Officer
    Peter G. Angelos
    Executive Vice President
    John P. Angelos
    General Counsel
    H. Russell Smouse
  • Business/Administration

    Vice President/Chief Financial Officer
    Robert A. Ames, CPA
    Vice President/Special Liaison to Chairman
    Lou Kousouris
    Executive Administrative Assistant
    Jen Tillmann
    Administrative Assistant
    Colleen Gellatly
  • Finance

    Vice President, Finance
    Michael D. Hoppes, CPA
    Manager, Finance
    Carole Bohon
    Senior Accountant
    J. Elena Arellano, CPA
    Financial Analyst
    Kaye Laker
    Financial Analyst
    Joe Lichtfuss
    Ticket Office Accountant
    Joan Walsh
    Accounts Receivable Manager
    Kim Yancheski
    Payroll Manager
    Pamela Nowicki
    Accounts Payable Manager
    Diane Schmitt
  • Administration

    Director, Human Resources
    Lisa Tolson, PHR, SHRM-CP
    Human Resources Specialist
    Wendy Morrison, PHR, SHRM-CP
    Human Resources & Accounting Assistant
    Cindy Dumas
    Director, Information Systems
    James L. Kline
    Desktop Support Manager
    Joe Petralia
    Desktop Support Coordinator
    Sharon Daniels
    Information Systems Administrator
    Marcy Zerhusen
    Merchandising Manager
    Jamie Bell
    Purchasing Manager
    Linda Ashauer
    York, PA Store Manager
    Kelly Barth
  • Major League Baseball Operations

    Executive Vice President, Baseball Operations
    Dan Duquette
    Vice President, Baseball Operations
    Brady Anderson
    Special Assistant to EVP of Baseball Operations
    Lee Thomas
    Director, Baseball Operations
    Tripp Norton
    Director, Major League Administration
    Ned Rice
    Assistant Director, Major League Administration and Professional Scouting
    Bill Wilkes
    Director, Team Travel
    Kevin Buck
    Coordinator, Baseball Operations
    Pat DiGregory
    Equipment Manager (Home)
    Christopher Guth
    Equipment Manager (Road)
    Frederick Tyler
    Umpire Room Manager
    James W. Tyler
    Assistant Equipment Manager
    Irving "Bunny" German
  • Scouting

    Executive Director, International Recruiting
    Fred Ferreira
    Director, Scouting
    Gary Rajsich
    Assistant Director, Player Personnel
    Mike Snyder
    Coordinator, Professional Scouting
    Matthew Koizim
    Administrator, Scouting
    Bradley Ciolek
  • Player Development

    Director, Player Personnel
    John Stockstill
    Director, Pitching Development
    Rick Peterson
    Director of Minor League Operations
    Kent Qualls
    Director of Player Development
    Brian Graham
    Coordinator, Player Development
    Cale Cox
    Coordinator, Minor League Hitting
    Jeff Manto
    Coordinator, Minor League Administration
    Maria Arellano
  • Analytics

    Director, Baseball Analytics
    Sarah Gelles
    Coordinator, Video
    Michael Silverman
    Coordinator, Advance Scouting
    Ben Werthan
    Assistant, Video Coaching/Advance Scouting
    Ben Sussman-Hyde
  • Medical Staff

    Head Athletic Trainer
    Richard L. Bancells
    Assistant Athletic Trainer
    Brian Ebel
    Strength and Conditioning Coach
    Joseph Hogarty
    Team Physician/Medical Director
    Dr. William Goldiner
    Dr. Michael Jacobs
    Dr. Gus Livaditis
    Dr. Elliott Myrowitz
  • Communications & Marketing

    Vice President, Communications & Marketing
    Gregory E. Bader
    Executive Assistant, Communications & Marketing
    Lacey Brauer
  •    Public Relations
    Director, Public Relations
    Kristen Hudak
    Manager, Media Relations
    Jim Misudek
    Coordinator, Digital Communications
    Amanda Sarver
    Coordinator, Public Relations
    Chris Martrich
    Public Relations Assistant
    Jim Hogan
    Public Relations Assistant
    Elizabeth Ayers
    Team Photographer
    Todd Olszewski
    Photography Assistant
    Matt Hazlett
    Graphic Designer
    Julie Ludwig
    Graphic Design Assistant
    Dusten Wolff
  •    Community Relations & Promotions
    Director, Community Relations & Promotions
    Kristen Schultz
    Manager, Programs & Promotions
    June Ruppert
    Manager, Special Events
    Bailey Frye
    Coordinator, Community Relations
    Matthew Death
    Community Relations Assistant
    Christina Zizos
    Coordinator, Marketing
    Karen Riddle
  •       Orioles Alumni
    Director, Orioles Alumni
    Bill Stetka
    Manager, Alumni Affairs
    Steve Freeman
    Alumni Affairs Assistant
    Jennifer Steier
  •    Orioles Productions
    Director, Orioles Productions
    Mike Stashik
    Manager, In-Game Entertainment
    Bryan Krandle
    Producer, Orioles Productions
    Ben Epstein
    Video Graphics Coordinator, Orioles Productions
    Joseph Kane III
    Coordinator, Game Entertainment
    Heather Bressler
    Production Specialist
    John Tillmann
    Public Address Announcer
    Ryan Wagner
  • Florida Operations

    Vice President, Orioles-Sarasota
    David Rovine
    Director of Operations
    Trevor Markham
    Manager, Facilities Operations
    Rick Meyer
    Manager, Sponsorship Sales
    Amy Tuten
    Manager, Ticket Operations
    Scott Moudry
    Head Groundskeeper
    Dan Thomas
    Bob Kull
    Luis Aguayo
  • Corporate Partnerships

    Vice President, Corporate Partnerships
    Marco A. Gentile
    Senior Manager, Corporate Partnership Sales
    Ray Naimoli
    Senior Manager, Partnership Marketing
    Cathy Jerome
    Manager, Corporate Partnership Sales
    Bill Marriott
    Account Executive, Corporate Partnership Sales
    Nick Kistler
    Coordinator, Partnership Marketing
    Kevin McNamara
    Coordinator, Partnership Marketing
    Caitlin Pellettiere
  • Ticketing & Fan Services

    Vice President, Ticketing & Fan Services
    Neil Aloise
    Assistant Director, Sales
    Mark Hromalik
    Manager, Box Office
    Zach Brown
    Manager, Party Facilities
    Cory Daniele
    Manager, New Sales
    Matt Dougherty
    Manager, Suite Sales
    Matthew P. Dryer
    Manager, Systems Inventory and Reporting
    Steve Kowalski
    Manager, Season Plan Sales
    Scott Rosier
    Manager, Fan Services
    Bud Verge
    Coordinator, Tours
    Sue Ellen Hickman
    Coordinator, Printing
    Janice Kemper
    Coordinator, Processing
    Chrissie Werzinsky
    Coordinator, Party Facilities
    Elyse Rowan
    Account Executive
    Patrick Fields
    Account Executive
    Ryan Kreissig
    Account Executive
    Deron Marchant
    Account Executive
    Brett Ritchey
    Season Plan Sales Representative
    Barry Bingaman
    Season Plan Sales Representative
    Ryan D. Fox
    Season Plan Sales Representative
    Carlos Gollahon, Jr.
    Season Plan Sales Representative
    Jason Mathias
    Season Plan Sales Representative
    Joyce J. Noto
    Season Plan Sales Representative
    Jacqueline Lee Olup
    Season Plan Sales Representative
    Eric Wickenheiser
    Group Sales Representative
    Shawn Barletta
    Group Sales Representative
    Tehya Mockapetris
    Group Sales Representative
    Ren R. Wechsler
    Main Receptionist
    Debbie Cole
    Administrative Assistant
    Tracy Silwick
    Senior Staff
    Karen Baer, Rich Bartkowski, Jim Carnaggio, Joe Carnaggio, Ena Clarke, Bob Cooney, Eric Feinblatt, Pam Fields, Tish Garrett, Michael Heid, Thom Hitzelberger, Kandy Kepner, Cheryl Lawrence, Susan Rowell, Don Sapp, David Tumminello
    Fan Services Representatives
    Sharon Hunt, Martin Josie, Brad Kirkley, Marty Shifrin
  •    Ballpark Operations
    Director, Ballpark Operations
    Kevin Cummings
    Manager, Ballpark Operations
    Jack Webb
    Manager, Event Operations
    Alison McAvoy
    Manager, Mail Room Operations
    Larry Shockney
    Mail Room Assistant
    Mako Alexander
    Head Groundskeeper
    Nicole McFadyen
    Assistant Groundskeeper
    Thomas Kirsch
    Assistant Groundskeeper
    Daniel Keene
  •    Food Services
    Director, Food Services
    Tom Orszulak