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Burst Pass

Card Management and Distribution  •   Topping Up, Checking Your Balance and Burst Bucks
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General Program Information

  1.  What is the Burst Pass?
  2. The Burst Pass is a stored value card that you can use to make purchases at fixed concessions stands and merchandise locations at Tropicana Field. Burst Pass users receive a 12% cash bonus on funds loaded onto the card, so the more you use your card the more you save!

  3.  Why should I use the Burst Pass?
  4. Using your Burst Pass provides you with a number of exclusive benefits, including:

    a. 12% cash bonus on all funds loaded onto your card,

    b. Access to special promotions and discounts throughout the baseball season,

    c. Ability to share benefits with those who share your ticket plan,

    d. Exclusive Burst Pass notifications and updates sent via e-mail.

  5.  How do I activate my Burst Pass account?
  6. Go to to activate your account. Login using the e-mail address and password associated with your account. If you do not have a account, you will need to create one (it is free), then use your e-mail and password to log into your Burst Pass account. You will be taken to a first time user page where you will verify your personal information and confirm several numbers on the front of your Burst Pass card. Returning users will simply login and be taken directly to their Burst Pass account overview page.

  7.  What is topping up?
  8. Topping up means loading funds onto your Burst Pass account. You may top up your card by loading value onto your account using credit or debit via your online account page.

  9.  How does the 12% bonus work?
  10. You will automatically receive a 12% cash bonus, called Burst Bucks, on any funds you load on to your Burst Pass. Burst Bucks can be used just like cash for concessions and merchandise purchases at Tropicana Field. For example, if you load $100 on to your Burst Pass, you will actually have $112 to spend!

  11.  Should I sign up for auto top up?
  12. Signing up for auto top up will allow you to maximize your Burst Pass benefits. Easy to turn on and off, auto top up links your Burst Pass account to your credit or debit card. Once your Burst Pass account balance dips below the minimum balance that you specify, funds are automatically added to your account. This means you will maximize your cash bonus benefit and eliminate the need to remember to top up your account when your balance reaches $0.

  13.  Where can I use the Burst Pass?
  14. Burst Pass is accepted at all fixed concession stands (not portable carts), The Brewhouse, the Everglades BBQ Smokehouse, and merchandise locations (Gate 1 Team store, 1B Team Store, 3B Team Store, New Era Cap Stand, the custom jersey and hat stands in Left Field Street, and the new Rays Authentics game used merchandise store near The Brewhouse in Centerfield Street).

  15.  How do I access my renewal gift?
  16. Your renewal gift will be pre-loaded onto your Burst Pass and is ready to be used once you activate your account at Your renewal gift can be redeemed for concessions and merchandise anywhere that the Burst Pass is accepted at Tropicana Field (not accepted at portable carts or in-seat vending).

  17.  How does the card work? Why don't I see a magnetic stripe?
  18. The Burst Pass is a radio-frequency identification (RFID) enabled stored value card that uses encrypted chip technology to complete transactions and share data. This "contactless" technology results in transactions times much faster than cards that utilize typical magnetic stripe.

    Card Management and Distribution

  19.  Why is one card in my registration package labeled "2012 Season Ticket Holder" while the others
             are labeled "2012 Season Ticket Account"?
  20. The 2012 Season Ticket Holder card is personalized with the name of the permanent rights holder listed with the Rays as the primary point of contact for the account. Season Ticket Account cards are for distribution to family, friends, or colleagues who share tickets.

  21.  How are Season Ticket Account cards associated with the Season Ticket Holder cards?
  22. Season Ticket Account cards and Season Ticket Holder cards issued for the same Season Ticket plan share the same Rays account number. The primary contact for each Season Ticket plan can view how many Burst Pass cards have been issued for their account and the activation status of each card. However, each card is linked to a separate account and no financial information is shared between Season Ticket Account cards and Season Ticket Holder cards.

  23.  How do I request additional cards?
  24. Log onto your Burst Pass account and click on the Membership Management section of your account page. Your request will be processed within 7-10 days and cards will be mailed to name and address on file for the account, who can distribute them to their family, friends, colleagues, and share partners. Only Season Ticket Holders (i.e. - the primary contact for the account) can request additional Burst Pass cards. Season Ticket Account Cards must also be registered and activated prior to use.

  25.  Who can request additional Burst Pass cards?
  26. Only the primary contact on a Season Ticket account can request additional Burst Pass cards. Please speak to the primary contact for your account to request a Burst Pass if you have not received one.

  27.  How do I distribute Season Ticket Account cards? Do I need to activate them?
  28. If you wish to distribute Season Ticket Account cards to friends, family, or share partners, just provide them with a Burst Pass card and direct them to to activate their account. They will be prompted to create a separate account with their own contact and credit card information.

  29.  Why is only the Season Ticket Holder card personalized? Can my Season Ticket Account card
             be personalized?
  30. Yes, please call 727-342-5720 or e-mail to request a new personalized Burst Pass card. This will require de-activation of your existing card.

  31.  My share partner gave me a Burst Pass. How do I activate it and use it?
  32. Go to to activate your account and begin using your Burst Pass. You will be prompted to enter several identification numbers from the front of your card. While your card is linked to the account of your Season Ticket Holder, your Burst Pass account will be configured with your own personal profile and credit card information. The Season Ticket Holder of record for your season ticket account will not be able to view your balance or payment information.

    Topping Up, Checking Your Balance, and Burst Bucks

  33.  How do I add value to my Burst Pass?
  34. The easiest way to top up your card is via your online account at Enroll in auto-top up and you will receive up to a $25 bonus to spend on concessions and merchandise at Tropicana Field. You may also top up at Burst Pass Services locations at Tropicana Field (Gate 1, Gate 3, and upper deck behind home plate), however fans are strongly encouraged to check their balance and top up before the game to avoid delays. See the map below for Burst Pass customer service locations.

  35.  What methods of payment can I use to top up my account?
  36. Credit or debit can be used via your online account. Cash may be used for top ups at Burst Pass Services locations at Tropicana Field (Gate 1, Gate 3, and upper deck behind home plate). However, fans are strongly encouraged to check their balance and top up before the game to avoid delays. See the map below for Burst Pass customer service locations.

  37.  How quickly will the top up amount be reflected in my Burst Pass balance?
  38. You will immediately see your top up amount and 12% cash bonus reflected in your account balance. Auto top ups will not occur mid transaction, but will be triggered within approximately 2 minutes, in time for you next transaction.

  39.  Is there a minimum/maximum balance?
  40. There is no minimum balance; however the minimum top up amount is $20. The maximum balance is $1,000.

  41.  What is E-cash?
  42. E-cash is the unspent fund balance on your card that you have loaded via credit, debit, or cash.

  43.  What are Burst Bucks?
  44. Burst Bucks are the promotional dollars you earn through your 12% cash bonus benefit.

  45.  How are Burst Bucks different from E-cash?
  46. Unlike E-cash, which will carry over from year to year, Burst Bucks expire on December 31st of each year.

  47.  How do I check my balance?
  48. Check your balance online at You online balance will show your E-cash and Burst Bucks balance, as well as your total balance. E-cash are funds added to your account via credit, debit, or cash. Burst Bucks are promotional dollars earned through your 12% cash bonus benefit. You may check your balance at Tropicana Field at Burst Pass Services locations (Gate 1, Gate 3, and upper deck behind home plate - see map below), Burst Pass kiosks located at Gate 1 and Gate 3, and at fixed concessions stands and merchandise locations.

  49.  Can I transfer funds from one card to another?
  50. Yes, you may transfer funds from your account to another Burst Pass account through your online account page. You will need to enter the Member ID shown on the front of the Burst Pass to which you would like to direct funds and the transfer amount. Funds will be withdrawn first from E-cash, then from Burst Bucks. E-cash transferred will be deposited as E-cash, and Burst Bucks transferred will be deposited at Burst Bucks. Once funds are transferred they cannot be recalled. You can use the funds transfer feature to split your renewal gift amongst share partners on your ticket plan.

    Purchases and Returns

  51.  How do I make a purchase using my Burst Pass?
  52. To make a purchase using your Burst Pass, present your card to the cashier at one of Tropicana Field's participating locations (all fixed concession stands, restaurants, and merchandise locations). The amount due will be deducted from your account, and your new balance will appear on your receipt.

  53.  What if the balance on my card will not cover the total amount of my purchase?
  54. This will result in a split transaction and you will need to present another form of payment to cover the difference. Reduce the chances of experiencing a split transaction by enrolling in auto top up and checking your balance before the game.

  55.  What if I need to make a return?
  56. The return policy for concessions and merchandise is set by Centerplate, the Rays' hospitality partner. There are no refunds for concessions or merchandise. Merchandise may be exchanged within 30 days with a valid receipt.

  57.  If there is an E-cash and Burst Bucks balance on my Burst Pass account, which will be used first
             when making a purchase?
  58. Funds will be drawn from your E-cash balance before Burst Bucks. Once your E-cash balance reaches $0, the system will then begin to draw funds from your Burst Bucks balance.

    Account Management and Customer Service

  59.  How can I contact someone with a question regarding my Burst Pass account?
  60. Please call 727-342-5720 or e-mail with any questions or issues regarding your Burst Pass account.

  61.  What do I do if my Burst Pass is lost, stolen, or damaged?
  62. If your Burst Pass is lost or stolen during an event at Tropicana Field, please visit a Burst Pass Services location (Gate 1, Gate 3, and upper deck behind home plate - see map below) in person to immediately de-activate your card.

    At all other times, please report a lost, stolen, or damaged Burst Pass card on the Card Details page of your online account. Your card will be deactivated and a new card will be issued and mailed to your address within 7-10 days.

  63.  How do I cancel my Burst Pass account?
  64. To cancel your account, please contact a customer service representative at 727-342-5720.

  65.  How do I receive a refund for funds I have loaded onto my Burst Pass account?
  66. If you wish to apply for a refund, you must make the request in writing to the Tampa Bay Rays, Attn: Burst Pass, Tropicana Field, One Tropicana Drive, St. Petersburg, FL 33705. Your request must include your name as it appears in your Burst Pass account, your Burst Pass account number, the amount that is requested to be refunded, and your signature authorizing the withdrawal. Please read the Burst Pass Terms and Conditions at for additional information regarding how to request a refund.

  67.  Where can I go for questions or problems with my Burst Pass during home games at
             Tropicana Field?
  68. Burst Pass Services tables are located adjacent to Guest Services at the Gate 1 Rotunda, Gate 3 on the 100 level, and the upper deck behind home plate (see map below). Please visit one of these Burst Pass Services locations to report your card lost or stolen. You can also register your card, activate your account, and top up.


  69.  Do I have to be a certain age to use the Burst Pass?
  70. Fans of all ages can use the Burst Pass to make purchases at Tropicana Field. Children are permitted to use the Burst Pass at the discretion of their parent or guardian.

  71.  Will I need identification in addition to my Burst Pass?
  72. You do not need to present identification when using your Burst Pass. Please note, however, that identification is required for the purchase of all beer, wine, and alcohol, regardless of whether you are paying with a Burst Pass.

  73.  Do I need to bring my Burst Pass to every game?
  74. In order to use your Burst Pass, you must have it with you at the time of purchase.

  75.  Are there any membership fees?
  76. No, your Burst Pass membership is one of the benefits of being a 2012 Season Ticket Holder.

  77.  Can I only access my account online?
  78. Most account functions can be managed through your Burst Pass online account at However, if you have any questions regarding your Burst Pass account please call 727-342-5720 or to contact a Burst Pass customer service representative.

  79.  Can I use my Burst Pass at the team store in Downtown Tampa?
  80. Our downtown Tampa store does not accept the Burst Pass as a method of payment at this time. However, please show your Burst Pass at this location to receive a 12% discount on your merchandise purchase.

  81.  Can I use my Burst Pass to pay for parking?
  82. No. At this time, Burst Passes are not accepted as payment for parking at Tropicana Field. In future years, we expect the Burst Pass will be accepted at a growing list of locations, including Tropicana Field parking lots, Charlotte Sports Park, and Rays off-site team stores.

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