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Inside the Clubhouse: Will Clark

Experience the thrill in one of the most in-depth Inside the Clubhouse's yet. In this three part series, SFG Productions delivers an intriguingly exclusive look into the life and playing career of Will Clark.

Part I

Part I of the series explores Will's insatiable hunger for success which started way before he broke into the big leagues. "I loved hitting a baseball. 'Til this day I love hitting a baseball. When that little white thing's spinning in the air and I gotta put a bat on it, that's a lot of fun for me." This pure love for baseball propelled Will to excel in all levels of his amateur career, including making the 1984 USA Olympic Baseball team and of course being drafted by the Giants.

Will's passion for the game has not wavered today. He is making sure that a little bit of his 'Will the Thrill' intensity remains in the game by coaching and mentoring young players. "Being a major leaguer and learning what I learned on the job, it's fun to pass it down to the next generation of ballplayers coming up."

The discipline Clark brought to the plate throughout his career, and now as he passes it on, goes beyond the baseball diamond. It is rooted in the Southern values instilled in him by his parents. Only SFG Productions gives the fans an intimate, never before seen look into Will Clark's personal life.

Part II:

Clark arrives in the big leagues with fiery tenacity that propelled a new era of Giants baseball. In Inside the Clubhouse: Will the Thrill Part II, , the rookie Will Clark, exuded confidence which forced Major League Baseball to take notice. Wasting no time, Will dropped jaws by crushing a home run in his first Major League at-bat off Nolan Ryan.

With nothing but raw talent and eagerness to play at the Major League level, Will's former teammates talk about mentoring him as a young rookie and helping him mature into the leader he became. His unprecedented intensity was contagious and the Giants thrived in the late 1980's.

Will Clark embraced pressure situations. "Believe it or not, there's a lot of guys who, when the bright lights come on, they don't want to have the bat in their hands, or they don't want to have the ball on the mound. And I was quite the opposite." In the 1989 NLCS against the Chicago Cubs Will was in his element. His former teammates, coaches and former '89 Cubs break down the clutch performance of the series MVP.

Part III

The finale of the Will the Thrill series delves into Will’s family life and the influence of being a family man on his baseball career. Only having baseball to focus on before, getting married and starting a family presented a new passion which Will balanced at the end of his professional career. Clark openly welcomed the challenge of family life and chose to retire while still at the top of his game.

Inside the Clubhouse: Will the Thrill Part III premieres on Sunday, July 15 on Comcast Sports Net at 12:00 p.m., before Giants Pregame Live. Also premieres on Monday, July 16 on