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7/6/2014 1:18 A.M. ET

O's win review, but Hardy sent back to first base

Machado strikes out, called for interfence as backswing hits Pierzynski

BOSTON --- The Orioles challenged that J.J. Hardy was safe while trying to steal second Saturday night and although he didn't end up there, the review yielded a favorable result for Baltimore, in a way.

In the second inning of the Orioles' 7-4 win, Hardy took off for second with Manny Machado batting and no outs. Machado swung and missed at strike three, then Red Sox catcher A.J. Pierzynski threw out Hardy at second. Then, the umpires overturned the call and said Hardy was safe at second.

But officials ruled that Machado's swing interfered with Pierzynski's throw, so the play was ruled dead and Machado was out. That means Hardy returned to first base because of the dead ball. Nick Hundley grounded out and Jonathan Schoop flied out to left to end the inning. The review took five minutes.

"They turned the call over, but in the review they saw catcher's interference, a swing, a backswing, I'm not sure," manager Buck Showalter said. "In the course of the replay, it's basically an old fashioned do-over. So both teams were somewhat penalized, or rewarded, depending on how you look at it."

Machado returned to the Orioles' lineup for the first time after losing his appeal of a five-game suspension he received for throwing his bat down the third-base line against the Athletics on June 8.

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