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Pitch Hit & Run

Participant/Parent FAQs

How can I get a Local competition in my community?

You can encourage a coach, league administrator, adult volunteer or someone within a local community/recreation organization to sign-up to host at If you would like PHR Headquarters to contact someone in your community about hosting a competition, please send their email address to

My child plays both baseball and softball. Can he/she compete in both the Baseball and Softball Division?

No. Participants may compete in either division (Baseball or Softball), however once a participant has competed in a division, he/she must remain in that division for all subsequent levels of the competition, and may not switch divisions.

I want to register my son/daughter. How can I find out where my nearest Local competition is?

You may view an online listing of Local competitions on our website beginning in early 2016 to find out where your closest Local competition(s) will take place. Keep in mind Local competitions can occur from early 2016 through early/mid-May. Locate your nearest competition and contact the local competition host to find out more information about the event you're interested in. You also want to be sure the date, time and location of the event have not changed.

If I find a competition I want to attend on the online listing, should I just show up?

No. You should first contact the local host (listed on our website beginning in early 2016) to find out more about the competition you're interested in. This way, you can find out if a competition is rained out or the date/time/location has been updated.

In the pitching portion of the competition, do I have to throw overhand and use a pitching motion?

No. Any method of underhand/overhand pitching or throwing is allowed.

My child won at his/her Local competition. Where do we go from here?

Your Local host should have provided or will be providing you with Sectional information. Your child must attend the Sectional to be eligible to advance to subsequent levels of competition. If you have not received Sectional information from your local coordinator by the first week in May, please email immediately.

My child won at his/her Sectional competition. What happens next?

Your child's score will be compared with the other Sectional winners in the same division age group for your MLB Team Championship market. If your child's score is one of the top three in his/her division age group in your market, he/she will advance to the Team Championship competition.

All Sectional winners will be notified by PHR National Headquarters as to their advancement status. Parents should NOT contact PHR Headquarters, as we will notify you as soon as we are able to determine advancement.

What is the age cut-off date?

Your child's age as of July 17th of this year will determine his or her age in this year's competition.