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Draft 2008
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4Matusz, BrianU San DiegoLHPL/L6'04"2001987-02-11JR400K
Comments: After a slow start to the season, Matusz has remained one of the, if not THE top pitcher in this year's Draft class. The lefty has four pitches he can throw for strikes and isn't afraid to use his entire arsenal in a game. His velocity has been a little down this year and he hasn't pitched off his fastball as much as some would like, but he's still got front-of-the-rotation potential and is likely to see his name go off the board very early on Draft day.
Enhanced Scouting Report
50Avery, XavierCedar Grove HS (GA)CFL/L5'11"1801990-01-01HS400K
81Hoes, JeromeSt Johns HS (MD)2BR/R6'01"1990-03-05HS400K
116Hudson, KyleU Illinois ChampaignCFL/L5'11"1751987-01-07JR400K
146Miclat, GregU VirginiaSSS/R5'09"1751987-07-23JR
176Zagone, RichardU Missouri ColumbiaLHPL/L6'04"1986-09-30JR400K
206Joseph, CalebLipscomb UCR/R6'03"1801986-06-18JR
236Bundy, RobertSperry HS (OK)RHPR/R6'02"1990-01-13HS400K
266Haughian, NicholasU WashingtonLHPL/L6'00"2051987-01-01JR400K
296Herrmann, ChristopherAlvin CC3BL/R6'00"1801987-11-24J2
326Moreau, NathanU GeorgiaLHPL/L6'04"2051986-09-15JR
356Rook, JasonAppalachian St UOFL/R6'01"2001987-08-28JR
386Thomas, CoreyMiddleton HS (FL)3BR/R6'02"2011988-09-23HS400K
416Beal, JesseSouth County HS (VA)RHPS/R6'06"1990-07-12HS
446Gurka, JasonAngelina ColLHPL/L6'00"1701988-01-10J2
476Stevens, RobertNorthern Illinois USSR/R6'00"1901987-03-30JR400K
506Conley, BrianTowson URFL/R6'02"1951986-05-07SR
536Landers, KeithSt Peter Marian Central HS (MA)LHPL/L6'07"2251989-11-12HS400K
Comments: The kind of body and arm those who like to project can dream about, Landers is raw, but shows just enough to keep people interested. He can reach the low 90s with his fastball and shows hints of a pretty nasty slurve. Like with most of his game, his command is inconsistent. The projectability, the size and the left-handedness had scouts heading north to see him when the weather turned warm in Massachusetts and he had been moving up charts due to his performance this spring.
Enhanced Scouting Report
566Martin, JarretCentennial HS (CA)LHPL/L6'03"2001989-08-14HS400K
596Welty, RonnieChandler Gilbert CCOFR/R6'04"2001988-01-19J2
626Gamboa, EddieUC DavisRHPR/R6'02"1951984-12-215S
656Kantakevich, PatrickCol William & MaryRHPR/R6'02"2101986-08-11SR
686Cintron, EdwinAntonio Luchetti HSCFS/R5'11"1751990-06-29HS
716Baxter, TomU New OrleansOFL/R6'01"2081985-12-13SR
746Lopez, XavierIsabel Flores HSCR/R6'01"1751990-01-18HS400K
776Barajas, JoseWestern Nevada CCRHPR/R6'04"1901988-02-25J2
806O'Shea, RyanU New OrleansRHPL/R6'00"2001986-05-29SR
836Edwards, ThomasRutgers U New Brunswick3BL/R6'02"2001985-10-15JR
866Perez, DennisUniversidad de Puerto Rico AreciboCS/R5'11"1851988-07-30J2400K
896Dobbs, JeremyDaviess County HS (KY)LHPL/L6'02"1701989-10-12HS
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