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Group Tickets

Purchase Group Tickets, and your group of 15 or more could enjoy reduced prices in certain seating sections, seating together as a group, your group's name recognized inside Comerica Park, a free gift for the group leader and much more!

Your package includes the following benefits:
  • Reduced ticket prices in certain seating sections on specific days. subject to availability
  • Seating together as a group (Subject to availability)
  • Group name recognized inside Comerica Park (Minimum 50 person group)
  • Posters to help promote your event
  • Personal service from your very own Account Executive
  • Free gift for the group leader
  • A Group Leader buy-one-get-one-free voucher (Restrictions apply, minimum 50 person group)

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Placing a deposit does not guarantee that your request will be filled, all sales are subject to availability.

Seat Locations

Place a deposit by scrolling down and clicking on the Buy Tickets icon next to your desired game below.

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Group Pricing

Buy 15 or more tickets and save up to $6 per ticket* for select games. Group ticket discounts will be applied automatically to the dynamic price listed for that day. See the chart below to determine if your game and seating area is eligible for a group discount.

Savings off per ticket as compared to dynamic pricing
Seat Type/Section # Super
Infield Box (118-137) $3 $2
Terrace (116-118 / 136-141) $3 $2
Outfield Box (115-117 / 138-140) $3 $2
Lower Baseline Box (112-114/141-143) $3 $2
RF Grandstands (101-106) $3 $2
Pavilion (144-151) $3 $2
Upper Box Infield (321-333) $6 $2 $2
Upper Box RF (210-219) $6 $2 $2
Upper Box LF (338-346) $6 $2 $2
Upper Baseline Box (334-337) $6 $2 $2
Mezzanine (210-219) $6 $2 $2
Upper Reserved (338-343) $6 $2 $2
Skyline (344-345)
Bleachers (101-106)

Please note, not all games have group discount prices available. The Tigers reserve the right to limit group ticket purchases for any game.

Group Package Policies / FAQs

Have additional questions about Tigers group packages? We have the answers. Group Package Policies »

For more information, please call 313-471-2255 and press 2 for group sales.