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Code of Conduct

Red Sox Nation takes pride in the Fenway code of conduct. Here are the nine items on the lineup card.

  • The Fenway Park Code of Conduct

    • Leading off, please avoid balls in play.
    • Second, never trespass onto the field.
    • Third, drink responsibly.
    • In the clean-up spot, help keep Fenway Park clean.
    • Fifth, watch your language.
    • Sixth, respect all other fans.
    • Seventh, keep cell phone conversations private without gestures to attract attention.
    • Eighth, sit only in your own seats.
    • And in the ninth spot, do not smoke in Fenway Park.

    Of course, violators are subject to ejection and other penalties. If someone is detracting from your enjoyment of the game, please call the security hotline at 617-226-6411, which is printed on the back of your ticket. On behalf of the Red Sox and the fans of Red Sox Nation, we thank you for observing the Code of Conduct.