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 >  Mini Game Plans (Plans B, C and D)
  • Same seats for pre-selected weekday and weekend games.
  • Each plan includes games against the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox.
  • The Orioles extend special treatment to our Season Plan Holders with the Orioles Orange Carpet Program.
Plans as low as $159
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Plan B
Wed.April 27:05TB
Tues.April 157:05TOR
Sat.April 197:05NYY
Fri.May 167:05WAS
Tues.May 277:05NYY
Wed.June 187:05HOU
Thur.July 37:05KC
Sat.July 197:05DET
Thur.July 2412:35TOR
Sat.Aug. 97:05TEX
Mon.Aug. 187:05BOS
Wed.Sept. 107:05CLE
Wed.Sept. 247:05TB
Plan C
Thur.April 37:05TB
Wed.April 167:05CWS
Wed.April 307:05TB
Wed.May 287:05NYY
Sat.May 317:05BOS
Tues.July 17:05KC
Sat.July 57:05TEX
Tues.July 227:05TOR
Sat.July 267:05LAA
Wed.Aug. 207:05BOS
Fri.Sept. 57:05OAK
Thur.Sept. 117:05CLE
Fri.Sept. 267:05TOR
Plan D
Sat.April 57:05SEA
Thur.April 177:05CWS
Wed.May 143:05BOS
Mon.June 27:05BOS
Sat.June 147:05PIT
Wed.July 27:05KC
Thur.July 177:05DET
Wed.July 237:05TOR
Sat.Aug. 237:05NYY
Tues.Aug. 267:05CWS
Mon.Sept. 87:05CLE
Fri.Sept. 127:05MIN
Tues.Sept. 237:05TB

For additional information or to speak to a representative, Call Sales & Fan Services at (888) 848-BIRD. Or email us at