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The Orioles Hall of Fame

The Orioles Hall of Fame was conceived in 1977 by The Oriole Advocates at the suggestion of two past presidents, Allen Barrett and Jack Buckley. With the encouragement and cooperation of the Orioles, the Hall was created, with Brooks and Frank Robinson as the inaugural members. In 1989, a veterans committee was formed to reconsider those early Orioles who may have been overlooked by voters not familiar with their contributions to the Orioles. In 1995, the Herbert E. Armstrong Award* was established to honor non-uniformed personnel worthy of inclusion in the Orioles Hall of Fame.

Plaques representing each member of the Orioles Hall of Fame can be found on a brick wall along Oriole Park's Eutaw Street walkway.

Year Player
1977Brooks Robinson, Frank Robinson
1978Dave McNally
1979Boog Powell
1980No Inductees
1981Gus Triandos
1982LuÍs Aparicio, Mike Cuellar
1983Mark Belanger , Earl Weaver
1984Paul Blair, Paul Richards
1985Milt Pappas
1986Jim Palmer, Ken Singleton
1987Al Bumbry
1988Steve Barber
1989Jim Gentile, Dick Hall, Stu Miller
1990Hank Bauer, Scott McGregor
1991Hal Brown
1992Gene Woodling
1993Don Buford
1994Mike Flanagan
1995George Bamberger, Chuck Thompson*
1996Jerry Hoffberger*, Billy Hunter, Cal Ripken, Sr.
1997Harry Dalton*, Rick Dempsey, Davey Johnson
1998Bobby Grich, Lee MacPhail*, Lee May
1999Frank Cashen*, Eddie Murray
2000Jack Dunn III*, Tippy Martinez, Eddie Watt
2001Mike Boddicker, Elrod Hendricks, Hank Peters*
2002Rex Barney*, Dennis Martinez, Hoyt Wilhelm
2003Bob Brown*, Cal Ripken, Jr.
2004Brady Anderson, Ernie Tyler*
2005No inductees
2006Doug DeCinces, Chris Hoiles, Ralph Salvon*, Eddie Weidner*
2007B.J. Surhoff, Bill O'Donnell*
2008William "Wild Bill" Hagy (Wild Bill Hagy Award), Gregg Olson, Phil Itzoe*
2009Harold Baines, Julie Wagner*
2010Lenny Johnston*, Johnny Oates, Ray Miller
2011Richie Bancells*, Mike Bordick
2012Rich Dauer, Mike Mussina, Walter Youse*
2013Roberto Alomar, Don Pries*
2014No inductees
2015Melvin Mora, John Lowenstein, Gary Roenicke, Fred Uhlman Sr.*
2016No inductees
* – Denotes Herbert E. Armstrong Award Recipient
Player Year
Roberto Alomar2013
Brady Anderson2004
LuÍs Aparicio1982
Harold Baines2009
George Bamberger 1995
Richie Bancells*2011
Steve Barber 1988
Rex Barney*2002
Hank Bauer 1990
Mark Belanger 1983
Paul Blair1984
Mike Boddicker2001
Mike Bordick2011
Bob Brown*2003
Hal Brown1991
Don Buford1993
Al Bumbry1987
Frank Cashen*1999
Mike Cuellar 1982
Harry Dalton*1997
Rich Dauer2012
Doug DeCinces2006
Rick Dempsey1997
Jack Dunn III*2000
Mike Flanagan 1994
Jim Gentile1989
Bobby Grich1998
William "Wild Bill" Hagy (Wild Bill Hagy Award)2008
Dick Hall1989
Elrod Hendricks2001
Jerry Hoffberger*1996
Chris Hoiles2006
Billy Hunter1996
Phil Itzoe*2008
Davey Johnson1997
Lenny Johnston*2010
John Lowenstein2015
Lee MacPhail*1998
Dennis Martinez2002
Tippy Martinez2000
Lee May1998
Scott McGregor1990
Dave McNally 1978
Ray Miller2010
Stu Miller1989
Melvin Mora2015
Eddie Murray1999
Mike Mussina2012
Johnny Oates 2010
Bill O'Donnell*2007
Gregg Olson2008
Jim Palmer1986
Milt Pappas1985
Hank Peters*2001
Boog Powell1979
Don Pries*2013
Paul Richards 1984
Cal Ripken, Jr.2003
Cal Ripken, Sr. 1996
Brooks Robinson1977
Frank Robinson1977
Gary Roenicke2015
Ralph Salvon*2006
Ken Singleton1986
B.J. Surhoff2007
Chuck Thompson*1995
Gus Triandos1981
Ernie Tyler*2004
Fred Uhlman Sr.*2015
Julie Wagner*2009
Eddie Watt2000
Earl Weaver1983
Eddie Weidner*2006
Hoyt Wilhelm2002
Gene Woodling1992
Walter Youse*2012
* – Denotes Herbert E. Armstrong Award Recipient