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Baltimore Orioles Designated Hitters


The Baltimore Orioles Designated Hitters program is a volunteer sales force founded more than 30 years ago and is made up of local professionals passionate about Orioles Baseball.

DHs work within the regional business community, as well as with non-profit organizations, schools, local government and individual customers, to sell Orioles tickets and build excitement for baseball all across Birdland. Our DHs are proud to represent their hometown team, and their hard work is rewarded with the chance to earn benefits including team-sponsored trips, preferred parking, ballpark credentials, and more.

DHs serve as ambassadors for the Baltimore Orioles and often take part in various community relations programs. This commitment strengthens the team's role within the community and further demonstrates each DH's commitment to the organization and the vital part they play in our success.

If you think you have the passion, dedication, and commitment to become a Designated Hitter, step up to the plate and contact the Orioles today. Call 410-547-6071 or email

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