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The Oriole Bird

Oriole Bird

On April 6, 1979, The Oriole Bird hatched out of a giant egg at Memorial Stadium and became the official mascot of the Baltimore Orioles. Since then, this featherweight has entertained millions of baseball fans at Oriole Park at Camden Yards and has made thousands of special appearances throughout the Baltimore area and the United States.

Bird Bio
  • POSITION: Official Team Mascot & Goodwill Ambassador
  • HEIGHT: Somewhere between tweety bird and big bird
  • WEIGHT: One Quarter ton of feathers
  • BATS: With both Wings!
  • HOBBIES: Greeting fans at the ballpark, sliding on dugouts and acting like a birdbrain
  • FAVORITE FOOD: Mostly bird seed, with the occasional crab cake

Bird Appearances
Would you like to have the Oriole Bird flock to your future function? The Bird is not only busy during the baseball season, but all year round, and would make a great addition to your next event. For more information about appearances by The Bird, please call Bird Headquarters at (410) 547-6140 or Submit an online request now »

A Colorful Character
Download and print these fun drawings for plenty of coloring fun. Simply right-click on any of the images below and "Save Target As..." to save each respective full-scale PDF version to your hard drive.